The Long Lake

The Best Chance In France

Lake Features

  • 400 Carp
  • Good Head 50lb Commons and Mirrors
  • Large Amounts of 30lb / 40lb Fish
  • Large Wells Catfish
  • Approximately 14 acres
  • Eight swims
  • Average depth 10-12ft

As its name suggests the Long Lake is long and has two distinct halves which are separated by a narrow channel (25 meters) where a foot bridge spans the lake which gives better access to the swims on the opposite bank.

The lake is approximately 14 acres in size.

The bottom of the Long Lake is the same as the others and consists of a mixture of coarse sand, fine gravel, and some shallow silt.

The depth averages around ten to twelve feet although there are some shallower areas to be found with careful plumbing.

The carp often frequent these areas when the weather is warmer.

The banks are lined with willow trees, and it is not unusual to find carp basking in the shade under the trailing branches of the many weeping willows.

These carp can be sometimes tempted to take a free lined slowly sinking boilie if you are stealthy enough to get within range. This type of fishing is incredible exciting as all hell breaks loose when you hook one.

The carp move freely between the two distinct halves of the Long Lake and it is worth moving swims from one end of the lake to the other if you are not catching and a swim is available.

There are an abundance of spots dotted around the lake that offer fantastic stalking opportunities so it is well worth priming a few spots with a handful of bait two or three times a day and dropping into each swim for an hour or so to see if there is any carp lurking around.

Stealth is the watch word here so tread lightly and keep your movement to a minimum.

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The Fish Stock On Long Lake

There are approximately 400 carp in the Long Lake with a pretty even mix of both commons and mirrors with both coming out in excess of fifty pounds.

Forty-pound carp are common place with a ridiculous head of thirties. There are a handful of grass carp present to just over forty pounds.

Out of all of the lakes at Les Quis the Long Lake has the largest head of Wells catfish and again they have been landed well over a hundred pounds, but it would not surprise us if there is a real monster lurking around in the depths.

If you get your tactics correct and when the conditions are good, it is not uncommon for anglers to catch well over forty carp in a week.

The Swims On Long Lake

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