Long Lake

The long lake is around 13 acres in size. This lake is in effect separated into two zones where at its narrowest point there is a bridge which is wide enough to allow anglers to cross with all of their fishing equipment.

The bridge is in effect where the lake is separated into a different zones which creates different fishing environments, it enables you to fish the far margins of the Hogg and the Point swims with ease, whereas the left side of the bridge can be considered more of an open water area.

Their are some swims on this lake for the long range castors amongst you. As all of our lakes, the Long lake is surrounded with mature trees, many of which are huge weeping willows which creates a natural canopy for the carp. The way that the swims are laid out on this lake gives you a feeling of space as there is a great expanse of water in front of you to fish.

A beautiful lake that has made dreams come true for many anglers over the years.

Swims on Long Lake