Please note, these products are only available to Les Quis customers. Full payment for bait must be received with the order at least 6 weeks before your trip.

All our bait is handmade and frozen to achieve maximum flavour. It is stored on-site and can be taken as required from the bulk freezer individually, ensuring that you are fishing with the freshest possible bait for the duration of your trip. Maize is available on site. You can only use the maize that we provide, it is strictly forbidden to bring your own particle. You can order and pay for the maize once on site from our bailiff.

To ensure you have the best week possible we recommend you use at least 25kg of boilies for your weeks fishing.

Krill and Garlic new for 2022

Made with two top end fish meals, krill powder and milk protein. This gives it a massively high protein level. Also, the addition of essential amino acids, fermented maize proteins and Himalayan rock salt, to make it very attractive to the fish. Along with the addition of garlic powder and vitamins. This was a vital component for me as the fishery manager.  Not only is garlic a feed stimulant for carp it also has an anti-parasitic factor to it, along with the vitamins to help boost the fish’s immune system.