The Old Lake

The Best Chance In France

Lake Features

  • 250 Carp
  • 6 Carp Over 60lb
  • Good Head 50lb Commons and Mirrors
  • Large Amounts of 30lb / 40lb Fish
  • Some Very Big Grass Carp
  • Large Wells Catfish
  • Approximately 11 acres
  • Seven swims
  • Average depth 12ft

The Old Lake is as the name suggests the oldest lake on the complex and the first one dug after the 2nd world war circa 1949. It is a mature gravel pit of approximately 11 acres and has heavily tree lined margins, which the carp frequently patrol giving the angler a huge amount of carpy type features to cast to and if the fancy takes you, to go stalking around.

As you can see from the venue map the Old Lake has one large area of open water, and a smaller bay of around 2 acres that the carp access by a narrow channel (20 meters).

There are seven swims on the Old Lake to choose from that offer great angling opportunities.

Every swim on the Old Lake has both open water options and some very sexy margins to fish to so whatever swim you choose to fish your options are very wide and varied.

The average depth of the Old Lake is around twelve feet in the open water areas and the margins drop off rapidly often giving you four to six feet of water directly below your rod tip.

The Old Lake carp respond to most of the usual carp fishing tactics and rig presentations, but it is wise to talk to the Bob for the latest information on rigs, tactics and going bait options as these can vary according to the time of year and obviously the weather. (See our tactics, hints and advice section.)

All the lakes at Les Quis were originally dug for gravel so that is what the bottom mostly consists of. It is not however chunky gravel it is more of a sandy gravel so your presentation is very rarely compromised.

The lake bed is reasonably uniform but there are a few humps and bumps dotted about and careful plumbing will help you locate these spots. In the areas between these humps and bumps there is a fine layer of silt, but it is not deep, and the carp will feed happily on both the hard gravel areas and the silty spots. It is well worth hedging your bets to start with, fishing on both areas so see where the carp are choosing to feed at any given time.

The carp feed where they want to eat not necessarily where we want them to eat.

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Fish Stock On Old Lake

There are approximately 250 carp in the old lake with at least four carp coming out at over sixty pounds at certain times of the year.

There is a good head of both 50lb commons and mirrors and an obscene amount of forty and thirty pounders that will regularly pull your string.

There are also a few very big grass carp lurking in the depths with the biggest of these going just shy of fifty pounds. Just beware that these grass carp have a reputation for going berserk on the bank so make sure you have everything prepared on the bank before you take them out of the water.

There are also some very large Wells catfish present which have been caught to well over a hundred pounds and if you hook into one of these beasts you are in for one hell of a battle.

The Swims On Old Lake

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