Your Carp Fishing Trip To Les Quis

Step 1: (Arriving at our secure car park in Sidcup, Kent)

Your trip to Les Quis starts on Friday evening when you are picked up from a secure car park in Sidcup by a luxurious coach, the coach is fitted with reclining seats, drinks facilities, toilet and two plasma screen TV’s, and is driven by two professional coach drivers.

Your safety is of paramount importance to us. This ensures that you arrive at the complex to start your big carp fishing holiday feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Step 2: (Loading the coach ready for the trip)

The carp park where you meet the coach is extremely spacious. Once you have unloaded your tackle that has to be put on the coach you will then check in your vehicle to the designated secure car parking area. This area is covered by twenty-four hour a day security.

Your fishing equipment will be securely loaded into either a large dual axle trailer or safely under the coach. You can only take a small carry on bag on to the coach so that you have plenty of space on board to ensure your comfort during the trip to Les Quis.

It is advisable to arrive at the pick-up point in Sidcup early as the coach MUST leave on time to arrive at Dover and board our designated ferry. We cannot miss this ferry as it will jeopardise the whole trip for everyone. We WILL be leaving on time.

There is a Pub that serves meals just a short walk away from the car park, and for the more adventurous there are a variety of restaurants in Bexley village just a ten to fifteen minute walk away.

Step 3: (The Ferry Trip)

During you trip on the ferry which takes around one hour forty minutes weather depending you can take advantage of the restaurants, bars and duty free facilities. Please be warned that the drivers of the coach will not tolerate drunken or abusive behaviour on the coach and you will be ejected from the coach. Please do not spoil the trip for everyone with your unreasonable behaviour.

Step 3: (Arriving at Les Quis, France)

When you arrive at Les Quis and the coach has been unloaded you will be greeted by the bailiffs and a welcome cup of tea or coffee and a chance to chat to the anglers who have just finished their week at the complex to talk about the fishing and last weeks captures.

Step 5: (2 hour walk around the complex)

You will all then be given an hour or two to walk round the complex to earmark the swims that you fancy fishing. Once everyone has returned to the Lodge the draw for swims will take place. The on-site bailiff will explain to you how this system works. Be aware that if you don’t return to the lodge at the designated time for the draw you will be given the last choices of swims.

Step 6: (Taking your kit to your swim)

We can take you to your choice of swim using our quad and trailer, but please be aware that this takes time so please be patient with the bailiffs as they will be doing their best to get you fishing as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The focal point of any trip to Les Quis is our purpose-built lodge. There is TV, Wi-Fi, barbecue, two English style toilets, and two shower/washroom facilities.

The lodge has a fully equipped kitchen where your breakfast and dinners are freshly prepared and there is a ready supply of hot and cold drinks available to suit all tastes.

The two on-site bailiffs are always on hand to help and assist you to make sure that you get the most from your big carp fishing holiday in France.

If you’re after the finest all-inclusive fishing holiday, at possibly one of the most desirable BIG CARP venues in France then please give us a call now to secure your best chance of catching a new personal best carp.