The Elf Lake

The Best Chance In France

Lake Features

  • 150 Carp
  • 60lb Plus Carp
  • Large Amounts of 50lb Carp
  • Massive Head Of 40lb Carp
  • Approximately 8.5 acres
  • Six swims
  • Average depth 10ft

We are often asked how the Elf Lake got its name and it’s quite simple really.

When we first acquired the Les Quis site there was a simple wire fence between the Old Lake and what was to become the Elf Lake.

Suspended on this fence was a simple sign that said Elf. For those of you who are old enough you may recall that this was a company that sold fuel. So, it became the Elf Lake.

The Elf is approximately 8.5 acres and has an average depth of around ten feet.

The bottom of the lake is the same as all the other lakes a mixture of fine sand and gravel.

This lake is now over fifty years old and the tree lined margins are deep and the banks are often very undercut where the carp can hide away from the anglers attention.

Fishing tight to the margins will often bring outstanding results.

The Elf Lake is the smallest lake on the Les Quis complex and there are six swims, but we only allow five anglers to fish it at any one time. This is due to two of the swims at the far end of the Elf that come into conflict with each other.

Whichever of these swims gets selected first in the draw means the other one will be closed down. This will be explained in greater detail in the swim descriptions and also during the draw for swims on your arrival at the Les Quis complex.

The Elf Lake is definitely not a runs water, but it is rapidly becoming known as our specimen lake.

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The Fish Stock On Elf Lake

There are approximately 150 carp in the Elf Lake. The carp go to 60lb plus, and a good amount of 50lb plus carp which include some very large upper fifty pounds commons. There is also a massive head of 40lb plus carp, in fact you will be VERY lucky to catch one under 30lb!!!

This is very much the serous carp angler’s lake, a magnificent carp lake that will be doing 70lb plus fish in the very near future.

There are some very large Wells catfish in the Elf and there was one caught in the past that was over nine feet long!!!!. So don’t be surprised if you hook something that destroys you.

The Swims On Elf Lake

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