Elf Lake

The Elf lake, is the smallest at Les Quis, at around 9.5 acres. Now over 50 years old this is a beautifully matured lake. The Elf lake has an average depth of 12ft, and has a couple of areas of shallow water on the western boundary.

The bottom of the Elf, is mainly gravel and hard sandy bottom, with a couple of gravel bars which account for a good many carp. This lake has some terrific margins that fall away to 12ft deep, literally a couple of foot from the bank, these areas should never be ignored as they account for many fish. There are also many areas which are quiet shady, which makes a perfect environment for those who like to stalk there pray, and be selective of the fish you catch. The southern end of the Elf is particularly good for the stalkers amongst you. As with all our lakes at Les Quis, there is a maximum of six anglers, so there is plenty of room and spare swims, which makes for hassle free angling.

Swims on Elf Lake