Bay Lake

The Bay lake, is the largest of all four lakes at Les Quis at around 14 acres. The lake comprises of three bays, each of these bays can be looked upon as three distinct areas, as the depths of the lake-bed are completely different from each other, varying from 10 to 12fte. There are shallow silty areas, with sets of lily pads that are visually beautiful and obviously home to many carp.

The lake is tree lined and beautifully matured and offers 3 double swims, with the point allowing 4 angles to fish together in the three bays. There is also many opportunities where you can tuck a bait under a tree lined margin.

Parts of the lake offer superb areas for stalking, as there is complete solitude for the carp to hide, the stocking levels of the Bay lake are very high, with huge numbers of 20s 30s and 40s, with fish now hitting the scales at mid-50s.

The Bay lake provides anglers with fast and sometimes furious action, with multiple takes frequent and mid 20’s, seem to be the normal. So if you’re looking for sleep deprivation, then the bay lake is definitely the one for you!! And with 14 acres of water that you will share with a maximum of five other anglers you can get lost in the Carp heaven.

Swims on Bay Lake