The Bay Lake

The Best Chance In France

Lake Features

  • 550 Carp
  • Doubles Up To 50lb Carp
  • Heavily Stocked Lake
  • Approximately 14 1/2 acres
  • Eight swims
  • Average depth 10ft

Probably the easiest lake to name as it is made up from a series of bays. It is the largest lake on the Les Quis complex at fourteen and a half acres. The Bay Lake consists of three distinct bays which all have their own very distinctive characteristics.

The Bay Lake is our most heavily stocked lake and is considered a runs water with multiple takes frequently happening. Although the average size of the carp in the Bay Lake is smaller there are still lots of bigger carp thrown in the mix. It is not uncommon to catch a double figure carp with one cast and a forty pound carp with the next. It has done three different carp over fifty pound with the biggest being fifty five pounds.

The Bay Lake is always throwing up surprises which makes fishing it so exciting. As like all the other lakes the margins are lined with over hanging trees, but it has also got some very carpy holding beds of lily pads which give you even more spots to fish to.

Each bay is separated from the others by some shallow bars and placing a bait on these bars will often pick off the carp as the move from one bay to another. Because there is a good head of carp in the Bay Lake they can get quite competitive and it pays to bait up little and often as the noise of the bait hitting the surface definitely attracts the carp to your swim.

There are eight swims on the Bay Lake and they have been set up to be very sociable.

There are three double swims and on the point of the bay there are four swims available depending on where the other anglers are fishing.

If you want some fast and furious action with the chance of some monster carp thrown in for good measure then the Bay Lake is the one for you.

The bay lake is on a separate booking system so please see the website for further details.

The Fish Stock On Bay Lake

There are approximately 550 carp in the Bay Lake with carp ranging from doubles up to 50s. This lake is most defiantly a runs water, but do not think you will be catching pasties all day because you will not!!!

You can expect to catch anything from mid double to 50lb plus, its one of those lakes, but what you can expect is lots of action with lots of 20s and 30s and a sprinkling of 40s with the occasional 50lb fish.

Do not under estimate this water, when the fish are in the mood it is possible to give you the best fishing experience of your life.

There has been numerous occasions with anglers catching over 100 carp in a week’s fishing.