UK Pick Up Point Location

Parking at Les Quis

We have negotiated a preferential parking rate from Kelsey’s farm of £40 per car.

This is to keep travel costs for our visitors as low as possible, as the venue is closer than Dover for the majority of our guests.

The Parking now works as follows.

When you get to Kelsey’s Farm Shop, you may park anywhere while you wait for the coach, or get something to eat or drink locally. Next, to the farm, there is a pub that serves food, The White Cross. Alternatively, you could walk into Bexley village taking approximately 15 minutes. You can drive as there is plenty of metered parking, there you will find further restaurants such as Chinese, Indian, Greek and Italian restaurants.

For those of you that do not know the area, The Tackle Box is situated just off of the M25 near Dartford tunnel, approximately 15 minutes drive from the car park, this allows you to pick up any needed items or last-minute tackle.


The coach will arrive around 11 PM

A Parking Attendant will be there to assist. He will collect the car parking money and give you a receipt from Kelsey’s Farm, sorry, ONLY CASH ACCEPTED. There is no need to book as we are the only coach that is picking up here, so there will be enough spaces for everyone.

  • This is a secure site and the gate will be locked when you leave. It is also locked every night at around 6 PM.
  • Please be considerate while on the farm and make as little noise as possible.
  • Please be aware that we will not allow anyone on the coach that has had too much to drink for the safety of all our passengers.

Kelseys Farm / Krazy Barn

Woollett Hall Farm
North Cray road
Sidcup, Kent
DA14 5ET

  • Cost £40 per week
  • No booking required
  • Cash for parking will be taken on arrival.