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Top tips

  • We advise you to keep your rigs simple.
  • Our recommendation would be that you use a minimum of  2.5oz weights.
  • For the safety of our fish, we operate a compulsory barbless hook policy, size 8’s and 6’s are recommended.
  • In our experience, the use of back leads are not recommended.
  • The larger catches have come from anglers that bait little and often rather than large beds of bait.
  • Consider 6FT Zig rig (Highly successful day or night).
  • Good watercraft is to be observant and look for signs of feeding/bubbling fish to cast to.
  • The fish move around constantly, be prepared to move to another swim as conditions change.
  • Poisson chat exist in our lakes, we recommend that you bring bait mesh and use coated braid to prevent and nuisance fish.
  • We would advise you considered bringing rig foam, as this helps protect the hook when casting.

Night Fishing