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Luggage Allowance

Important Information – Please read or watch carefully

Although it would be great to have no luggage restriction, due to overloading of the coach, we have to restrict individual angler‘s luggage to a degree that is deemed sensible for a week‘s fishing.

What am I allowed to take?

  • BivvyCamp-Chair
  • Folding Chair as pictured >>>
  • Sleeping bag
  • One small holdall (to fit into coach overhead compartment 20cm high max)
  • Large holdall
  • Bedchair
  • Rod bag
  • Pillow case for bait (if required)
  • We advise two landing nets

Items NOT allowed on the coach!

  • Social Chairs
  • Unhooking mats
  • Beer or Spirits
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Bait buckets
  • Bedchairs in bags
  • Freezer boxes
  • Excessive bait

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