See below for our FAQs, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if your question is not answered here.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes! Please see our payment plan page for more information.

Can I use foam for Zig rigs

Yes you can. Foam is allowed for Zig rigs or Long links only, we do not allow any other form of plastic or artificial baits on the lakes. This is for the safety of the fish as Plastic does not degrade and could potentially leave an unsafe rig in the water that could attract the fish. For more information about Bait

Can I use a Spomb at Les Quis

Yes you can. It is advisable to Spomb your baits to the appropriate spot for effective baiting.

How much bait should I take

We recommend about 25 kilos of bait for a week. To find out all the information you need to know on Bait at Les Quis

Can I use a leader at Les Quis

Sorry, no leaders are permitted at Les Quis, this is for the safety of the fish. Here is a list of all of our rules

Can I use braided Hook-links

Yes you can! We allow braided hook-links but we do not allow braided mainline, except for a marker rod. Coated or none coated hook-links in braid are permitted. For More Information, please see our Bait page

Do I need Travel Insurance

Yes, we would strongly recommend taking out travel insurance the day you book your trip. This will safe guard you against any eventuality preventing you from going.

Can I pay by Credit Card

Yes you can If you wish to pay via credit card, we need your e-mail address where we will send you an invoice. We use the PayPal system for security reasons. You do not need a PayPal account just a computer. Unfortunately, PayPal charge us 4% for this facility, which we will have to pass on to you by adding it to each payment made via this method. Alternatively you can pay via cheque, or online banking to avoid this additional cost.

Can I pay with PayPal

Yes you can If you wish to pay via PayPal we need your e-mail address where we will send you an invoice. We use the PayPal system for security reasons. Unfortunatley PayPal charge us 4% for this facility, which we will have to pass on to you by adding it to each payment made via this method. Alternatively you can pay via cheque or online banking which avoids these charges.

Do you allow Drive and Survive?

Yes limited weeks in April and October only! Starting in 2014, we have opened Les Quis to a a maximum of 24 people per week to drive themselves here. During April and October we will have a resident bailiff but unfortunately no coach will be available.

What amount of tackle or luggage can I take?

Please see our luggage page, for an extensive list of what you may take to Les Quis.

Can I purchase tackle on site?

Sorry No! Due to the many makes and variety's of tackle, we have made the difficult choice, not to stock any tackle on site.

What if I exceed my luggage allowance?

Sorry! Due to keeping the inside of the coach free of luggage, we have to restrict all items of tackle to the trailer and underneath the coach. Hand luggage is taken onto the coach. If you have any additional items outside your allowance these will have to remain in your vehicle at the pick up point.

How long are travelling times to Les Quis?

Approximately 8 hours. We leave the secure parking in Sidcup at around 11:30 PM on the Friday night. Where there is approximately a 1 hour drive to the ferry in Dover. Then approx.1½ hours traveling on the ferry, once in France 4½ hours from Calais to Les Quis. Arriving approximately at 09.30 on the Saturday morning. The return journey starts from Les Quis at 10 AM on Saturday, returning to Sidcup at approx: 17.00 the same day

Do I need medical insurance?

Yes you do ! We do NOT cover clients with any personal medical or emergency insurance cover, it is the client‘s responsibility to ensure they are adequately covered for any eventuality. Travel/Medical Insurance can be obtained relatively cheaply from most High Street outlets, even at the Post Office. You will also need to obtain a 'European Health Insurance Card'. Follow Link: www.dh.gov.uk/travellers

Can I use a bait boat?

Sorry No Bait-Boats are allowed! The use of Bait boats are not permitted on the complex, this is for the safety of the Carp and the protection of other anglers swims. For baiting we suggest the use of catapults and throwing sticks which have proven to be perfect for baiting up on our lakes.

Do you do rig checks?

YES the Baliff may carry out a rig check when he visits you on your swim! As we are a Barbless hook only water, and we care about the welfare of the fish, during the duration of your stay we may ask you to wind in your rods for a bailiff to check your end tackle, for safety reasons. These checks could take place on several occasions, or at any time during the week.

What bait is recommended on the complex?

Our Boilies have caught thousands of carp at to Les Quis, and the fish cant get enough of them. If you would like to bring your own Boilies, please be aware that we only allow fresh/frozen Boilies and do not allow shelf life Boiilies of any kind. If you would like to use Pellet, you can purchase our Pellet, please remember to order your bait before your trip, to guarantee we have enough supplies. I would recommend that you went to our bait page for the full details. Please see our page on buying bait.

How does the draw for the swims work

The draw is very simple and is taken when you first arrive at Les Quis. The draw takes place as follows. Each person draws a number, and then they can chose in order which swim they would like to fish. Our guests at Les Quis all want to have a fun friendly week, so if you are traveling with friends, it normally works itself out with the other guests. Good luck in what number you draw!

Can I move swim during the week?

Yes of course, and there are plenty of swims to move to! There are always options available to you and you are free to move to any unoccupied swim at any time during your trip, we do not mind how many times you move it is up to you. The only thing we ask is that you let the Bailiff know as he may need to locate you during your stay.

What tactics work best and what rigs should I use?

Our advice that has been proven over many years at Les Quis is to keep your rigs simple! For baiting, I would look to try our Pellets to work with your Boilies. The one recommendation that has proven to work at Les Quis is to bait little and often and not to have big beds of bait out there.  

What are the rules?

The Rules are fairly simple and similar to most fisheries. They have been put in place for the safety of the Carp and other guests to Les Quis, For a full list, Please see our rules page

What happens if I behave inappropriately or break rules at the complex?

You may be asked to leave. It is within the Bailiffs discretion that if he feels that you have put the fish or other members of your trip at any risk, then he would have no option but to ask you to leave the complex. You would be instructed to pack up your tackle and transported to the local train station for repatriation to the UK at your own expense. Please do not put us in this position.