Buying Bait

We consider bait to be an absolutely critical factor to the angler‘s overall enjoyment of a trip to Les Quis.

Our aim with baits is to ensure that the individual‘s catch rate is maximised for their trip and fish weights continue to rise year on year.

With this in mind we work very closely with our suppliers to develop and make available to our clients the best possible products to maximise their catch rate whilst fishing the complex.

How do I order bait from Les Quis?

Simply complete our online form – or – print and post us our offline form.

How Much?
How much bait will I need?

Obviously this varies. We recommend that 15KG’s for the week is a sensible amount for three rods. Frozen quality baits work best, shelf life boilies are not permitted on the complex.

What's best?
What bait is recommended?

Boilies! No restrictions are applied to boilie manufacturer, however we recommend using the specifically developed A2 range in order to maximise catch rates on the complex. Pellets are available for purchase at Les Quis

A2 Bait

 Type Price
2.5 kilo bags 18mm (choice of flavours) £19.50
Pop-ups 16mm (per pot) £5.00
Hard Hookers 18mm (per pot) £5.00
Wafters 18mm (per pot, choice of flavours) £5.00
Dip/Glug 200mm (per pot) £5.00

Simply complete our online form – or – print and post us our offline form.


Further Information

Can I use foam for Zig rigs?

Yes you can. Foam is allowed for zig rigs only, we do not allow any other form of plastic or artificial baits on the lakes.

Can I use braided Hooklinks?

Yes you can! We allow braided hooklinks but we do not allow braided mainline, except for a marker rod. Coated or none coated hooklinks in braid are permitted.