As we always want our guests to experience their best ever Carp  fishing trip to France at Les Quis, we  are pleased to announce the arrival of 200 fish between 19 and 35lbs, these fish are only 4/5 years old and have never seen a hook!!!!!

They are the much sort after ’ROYAL STRAIN’ which are good growers and in the rich waters of Les Quis we fully expect to achieve a growth rate of between 6 to 8lbs per fish in the coming season.

Despite last years worst ever conditions in Europe, Les Quis still managed to produce a staggering total of.5475..Carp on the bank in only 27 weeks.

We are expecting great things this coming season with the new Carp that will no doubt be feeding furiously and encouraging the larger Carp to get amongst it with the new competition!!!!!!

We will be posting pictures of the new arrivals soon.

To make Les Quis a more enjoyable stay, we have just returned from a working party having banked 40 plus carp with very little fishing done!!!!

The purpose of the trip was to put in a drainage system in the Old Lake which has allowed us to reduce the level by 18 inches, the same system will be put in to the Elf, Bay and Long before the end of the month, which will also allow us to reduce the levels and put us in a position where we can control the water levels that prevents swims getting flooded, when this as been achieved we intend to build some new swims firstly on the Long where we are going to build new swims in Next to Gate, The Gate and The Shed. This will be followed by improving the swims on the Point of the Bay Lake, we will post pictures as the works is completed.

The team who have just turned up at the complex are in the process of clearing up the Elf Lake which is in need of some tree clearing to allow more wind to hit the lake as we felt it needs more air and sunlight. This will not effect the outlook and will still look as stunning as ever with its mature tree lined bank, no doubt we shall do some more work on the swims also to make things even more comfortable for the anglers this season.

Thanks all for your continued support and tight lines for this season.


Tob and Bernie