We are often asked why this swim is called Jurassic, but you only have to spend a couple of nights in it before you realise how it got its name. This swim is surrounded by trees and there is a big, wooded area directly behind you. This area is the home to all manner of wild creatures, and it is not uncommon to hear the wild boar snuffling around at night just behind your bivvy. Don’t worry though they are generally more afraid of you than you are of them, unless of course you are a big girl.

On the upside Jurassic commands a large chunk of water, it is almost like having a small lake all to yourself. The carp often get into Jurassic in large numbers and if you get it right you can really have it off in there.

This is another swim where you have so many sexy margins to cast to that you are really spoilt for choice. Again, it is easy to ignore the open water in this swim but there is some interesting features in the open water in front of you, it is just up to you to find them.

So if scary monsters don’t scare you this can be a very good choice of swim.