The Shed

The shed in bygone years had a shed behind the swim which anglers could use to store some equipment in, but unfortunately one of our customers managed to set fire to it and burnt it down to the ground.

The Shed controls the water to the left-hand side of the bridge and carp are frequently caught by casting close to the bridge and ambushing the carp as they swim through the narrow channel. There is also a huge snaggy area directly opposite the swim which always seems to hold quite a few carp. Fishing tight to these snags will produce bites but you have to fish locked up to stop them getting in there or you will lose them.

On the right of this swim there is a small bay which also has some lovely over hanging willows which also produces plenty of carp

It is very tempting to cast all your rods to these lovely looking snaggy areas but for those in the know who have visited the complex before they catch a lot of carp in the open water between you and those enticing far bank margins. This is a very popular swim.