The Gate

If you pick this swim it becomes very apparent how The Gate got its name. You literally walk through a gate and the swim is straight in front of you. As you look out of this swim you can’t help but notice some fantastic looking spots to cast to along the tree lined margin, and you would be correct in thinking that it is well worth fishing some of these spots.

Clipping up and fishing tight is a popular choice with many and although it is quite a chore walking round to the far side to bait up accurately will pay dividends. Another winning tactic in this swim is to fish zig rigs a couple of rod lengths off the far margin, this tactic will often pick up a few bonus fish during the middle of the day when the carp do not seem to feed on the bottom.

There is a lovely large area of broken up gravel and silt just out to the left of this swim. To find it look out at around eleven o’clock on the clock face and have a feel around with a marker rod at around fifty or sixty yards. (Sorry I’m old school and don’t do wraps.) This area can be super productive so it is well worth looking for.