Left of the Gate

So called because it is left of the gate. From this swim you have some very enticing tree lined margins all a long the left-hand side of the swim.

These margins are patrolled regularly by the carp and with some carefully placed traps you should be able to entice a few bites.

Like the gate straight out in front of you at around fifty to sixty yards you will also find some patchy gravel and silt which is well worth looking for.

Tight down your left-hand margin there are some huge overhanging weeping willows, and it is very rare for there not to be some carping lurking underneath them. It is very difficult to land a fish casting along the edge of these willows as the carp will just dive left into the branches, and you will be very quickly become hopelessly snagged. You are far better off sneaking round to the willows and stalking underneath them.