Back of the Bear

Back of Bear is another swim that is very sociable so it makes a good choice for anyone wanting to double up with a mate in the Bear Swim. Back of Bear is the swim that comes into conflict with a swim called Sexy’s so if it is chosen before Sexys it commands the whole of the back end of the Elf Lake and Sexy’s will be shut for the week.

On your right you have a tree lined margin that extends right down into the far corner of the Elf. As you get to the end of the lake you have also got access to the tree lined far margin although this is a fairly long cast. Walking round to bait up is advisable so that you are accurately throwing bait in exactly where you want it.

You will see carp regularly show in the large area of open water that you have access to, casting to them is never a waste of time with a PVA bag as this will often bring instant results.

Due to this swim being very sociable and having lots of carpy looking areas to cast to it is a very popular choice and tends to go very early in the draw.