Hanger Right

Hanger Right gives you access to all of the right hand tree lined margin, and there is a lot of it. You will be spoilt for choice with short flicks to long chucks the choice is yours. The far right hand corner of the Hanger Bay can only be reached by anglers that can cast well, so the carp often hide in this corner to get away from angling pressure.

For those of you whose casting is not so good you could always walk round and go stalking in the corner. As you can imagine that between the far corner and you there is a lot of open water where if you can find some of the harder spots and bait accurately you will get some bites.

It is very easy to get obsessed with the far margins but I can assure you there are some good spots that are around thirty yards straight out in front of you. Hanger Right and Hanger Left are two great social swims that are very popular.