LES QUIS NEWS May 28th to June 4th

Well, last week it certainly unleashed hell as far as the weather was concerned, the week stated with torrential rain which lasted.

I am sure you have all seen the news of the devastation the weather caused last week, with France begin pretty much under water, but i am glad to say that LQ did not get flooded due to our flood protection work that was carried out during the winter months and it worked a treat.

Well done to all the lads that helped us on it, so now the lakes are just slightly high due to the heavy rain we had, but not flooded!!!!!

We are now in the process of lowering the lakes to there normal level which will not take us to long with the drainage system that we put in also in the winter, so its happy days and carping as normal.

Talking of carping that certainly did not let us down as you would expect from LQ all lakes done what they always do, carp and lots of them!!!!

Given the conditions the lads hung in there and smashed em finishing up on………….181 carp, 86 carp over 30lb, 21 x40s and 2 x50s!!!

I have got to tell you that that figure is exceptional given what the sky’s chucked down at them, carp fishing at its very best, even when on paper they should not have been catching many at all, but the then again LQ is not normal.

It is your Best Chance in France”

Reece Parker with a Mirror mCarp

Reece Parker on the Bay Lake Les Quis with a nice Mirror Carp