LES QUIS NEWS REPORT 16th/23rd April

A week of mixed weather to say the least, with all the seasons of the year coming in a day in some cases!!! But Les Quis delivered as normal with 211 carp as the total 102 x 20s, 70 carp over 30lb, 15 x 40s and a 50lb common, very respectable for a mixed weather week in April!!!!!!

Batman in the Shallows had a memorable week with 15 carp including 2 x40s and 50lb common, well in Jason.

Nathan in the Shed on the Long had a good un landing 14 carp up to 47lb and a 40lb common in there also.

Frazer and Wayne on the Hangers on The Bay filled there boots with 36 carp up to 49lb.

Brookie had a couple of PBs not sure what his total was.

Pete in the Bear had 16 carp up to 42lb.

Pete M in the gate Long Lake fish to 41lb.

Ian point Long had fish to 41lb.

Ian point left long had fish to 41lb.

Liam point right Long had fish 38lb.

Phil in the Hog Long Lake had 7 fish including a 41lber and a 48lber.

Terry in Coypu had 9 fish including a 40lb common.

Mick in the table Old Lake had 7 fish up to 40lb and Alan in Moonshine Bay Lake had fish to 46lb.

Sorry if i have missed you out but getting the scores out of Bob is like getting blood out of a stone!!!!!! It’s Worth mentioning that all of the above had our bait to the best of my knowledge!!!!
“The Best Chance in France” Ask those above.