Thanks to all the lads this week it was a pleasure looking after all of you 115 fish in total.

The Scouse lads were brilliant apart from the fact that the wheelbarrows are now on bricks !Smiler

Smiler The Afghan vet with a 38lb Mirror Les Quis France

Smiler The Afghan vet with a 38lb Mirror

The Afghan vet who was shot protecting our future- pic of him with a 38lb’er.

He is a legend in my eyes and I hope you give this post all the likes he deserves). Full respect to him and he had a great time on the point with his 2 buddies.

The Brummie lads were on top form Baggy, Deano, Big Al, Steve & Daz.

Mark and Andy Maker  ( well done on winning the Dave Castle memorial Trophy Andy ) they were outstanding and Gary P is simply the best.

Then there was Lisa my girlfriend who had a great time ( mainly shopping ) last but not least my partner in crime Andy laugh a minute Bald !! And to top it all off a night with the legend himself on Friday night Tob.

Wishing you all a safe journey home and thanks for all the memories. I hope to see you all soon – Hogg