Yet again another 300 plus week at Les Quis!!!! all the anglers filled there boots. I am Blaming Stevie Raulf for stopping us having a 400 plus week as it was his 50th birthday and there was a bit of a party on Sunday night and nobody fished, it was a late one!!!!! so there was nothing to put in the book on Monday morning which to the best of my knowledge is a first ever.

Despite a one night right off the lads did manage …………392 carp including 112 carp over 30lb, 32 x 40s and 4 x 50s.

The Eagles fishing on the Point of The Bay Lake had a great week landing 110 carp and all 3 of them had carp over 40lb a great weeks angling.

Steve and Phil fished on the Long Lake and had 53 carp and they never fished at night!!!!! they also had 18 x 30sand 3 x 40lbers, top week.

Darren and his 9 year old son Louis started on the Bay Lake and moved on to the Elf Lake midweek they also had a memorable weeks fishing having 38 carp between them and they caught 40s from both lakes, they had a couple each and Louis had his PB at 46lb not bad for a 9 year old!!!!! Joel on the Old lake had a nights fishing he will never forget having landed a 41, 43, 44, and a 44.08 in one nights fishing there cannot be to many anglers out there that can say they had 4 x 40s in one night surely!!!!

Top bit of angling Joel. Andy fishing on the Old Lake had a week he will not forget anytime soon he landed 14 carp and only one fish was under 30lb!!! he also had 3 x50s up to 54.08, Yet another very happy Les Quis angler. Brain’s only had 6 fish but was rewarded with a new PB common at 51lb, he was delighted. I think that gives you pretty much how the week went AWESOME springs to mind.

It’s not called “The Best Chance in France” for nothing!!!!!!!