My first trip to Les Quis was in 1997 and had a couple of trips each year since then. Im over 30 trips now and still I get that buzz in the weeks leading up to the trip.

Ive watched the complex develop over the years along with the catch returns. The fish just get bigger and bigger and its provided me with a PB of 65lb.

Ive had some good trips to the complex, and some which you wouldn’t believe. Can honestly say that Ive never had a bad trip, and met so many great friends over the years.

Les Quis is a business, but it is much more than that to the owners and many of the punters. Its certainly a special place for me. You wont be disappointed.

Having been lucky enough to enjoy the joys of Les Quis for two visits. With one of my sons, until that day he had not caught any big carp, before that glorious week was over he had over 20 carp over 30lbs up to 38lb common. What a great time we had, plus I had personal best carp at 44lbs-8ozs. Food and facilitate second to none will always consider this venue, over any others, if money and work permit. All the best for the future. Thanks for a great week!

Simply an awesome fishery that is very well managed. Right from being picked up in Kent, to when you are driven back, the bailiffs are first class, the food is great and the fishing needs to be experienced to be believed. Who else publishes their weekly figures? Nobody! Well worth what you pay, I’ve been 13 times now and would struggle to book anywhere else.

I have fished les Quis once a year for five years ! One year incorporating a sneaky second trip to the bay !! Everything about the complex is unique !

I have fished at Les at least once a year, sometimes three times in a year when I’ve been lucky, since 1995 & I still find it a struggle to find much fault with the place.

We had our first trip to Les in 1997, it was first class and PBs achieved..
What can you say, first class fishing, big carp and loads of laughs.
We went to Les again this year and guess what it’s got even better, it’s hard to believe but it’s better.
Just give it a go it is the best chance in France

I tried a number of different lakes in France, and then I found Les Quis. It makes for me a truly week hassle free trip, great coach and car park, good food, and I have had my personal bests there too. It’s so good I now take my son and he loves it.

Every time I go to Les, I meet great people who love to keep in touch, we all have something in common Les Quis!!