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Les Quis is widely recognised as one of the top Carp Fishing venues in France.  Established over 20 years ago, Les Quis is an exquisite carp fishing complex made up of four mature lakes, packed with huge carp.  The swims at Les Quis are suited for all types of Carp fishing, whether you prefer open water or fishing to the beautiful tree lined margins.  We allow a maximum of 6 anglers per lake offering exclusive low density fishing , in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Read more...
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Well this is our umpteenth winter clear up session and In all those years we have only had one iffy catch rate and that time we still caught 17 fish. We've never been big on photos these trips and we are all techno dinosaurs so JUST POSTING PICS on here is a challenge so we will try and sort it later, anyway so far 26 fish in 55 hours, Kev x 13 to 39.12, Shannon x 8 to 39.00 and Clive x 5 to 44.12. There have been some stunning looking cyps and we think that if you want to see them then you'd better get your backsides out here ...

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Hello Bern & Tob,
Just thought id mail you about what has been my only fishing trip for over a year when me and my mate Kev Rayner went
to youre fabulous Les Quis fishery just as the complex shut up for the winter. myself and Kev fished the same week last year when we fished days only on the bay lake and landed over 120 fish between us, including a new PB for Kev in the shape of a 46lb mirror which he was over the moon with as it was his first 40 pounder. on the drive down I predicted he would better that on this trip to which he replied, "fucxxxg hope so"
We set up late afternoon in the hanger swims on the bay lake and we baited up the far margin with a fair bit of whole/broken creamy toffee boilies, mixed pellets plus a few handfulls of maize which good old Bob the bailiff gave us.
we also baited our own margin with the same. our plan was to fish days only and spend the chilly evenings in the lodge drinking the odd beer or two and watch the footie ( as you do)
the next morning I was playing my first fish about half an hour after flicking my right hand rod out a couple of rod lengths out over a few more baits, it turned out to be a cracking mirror of 38lb. this close in spot produced no fewer than 4 forties and 7 other fish over 35lb to my rods on our previous trip despite the noise me and kev made it didn't put them off and so it proved again. is it not great when you can bait up using just youre hands?.
Bob the builder was also down to do a few jobs and he was leaving on the Wednesday morning, he had been fishing the Elf lake from the bailiffs lodge swim and had caught a good few himself including 4 or 5 over 40lb.
by lunchtime on the Wednesday I had caught a lot of fish up to 51lb from the Bay and I fancied a change of scenery , so taking 2 rods only I cast out in the now empty lodge swim on the Elf and by dark (5.30ish) I had managed to land 7 fish from 8 bites, not bad for an afternoons dangling, best one went 38.8. Kev had also moved 2 rods over into sexys on the Elf and he had fish crawling all over him with a bite every 20 minutes or so. just before dark as I stood with him after taking yet another photo hes rod ripped off into a single toner and the" fucxxxg hope so" weighed in at just over 48lb.
we had a few that evening that's for sure.
to cut a very long story short I ended up with 50 bites landing 42 fish (wanker for losing 8). I even fished our last night in the hanger 2 plot on the Elf as I had a feeling a big un was on the cards. that evening as I was thinking about reeling in for a few beers my left hand rod ( only 2 rods out) tore off, I knew instantly it was a good fish, it put up a mental 15 minute scrap and I saw it on a couple of occasions in the torch light (nearly crapped me self). it turned out to be a fabulous mirror weighing 53lb 12oz which just about sums up Les. (shithole) during the night I had a common of just over 40lb on a pub chuck (dump). Kev ended up with over 30 fish and for whats its worth my tally was as follows ,
2 x 50s, 2 x 40s, 13 x 30s (9 over 35lb), 23 x 20s and 2 doubles( which I killed) . it doesn't get any better than that.
cheers Tob & Bern you have created a MONSTER so to speak. Me and Kev cant wait for next year.
all the best Clive Williams

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Good Luck to Kev Peet and Clive who are going down at weekend for there annual rubbish clear up week, it always amazes us as carp anglers don't leave rubbish!!!!!!!! i rekon they must make it up as an excuse to get away for a week!!!!! I will keep you posted as to what they catch. ...

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